Entry regulations

Entry regulations

Tourists from many countries including the UK and USA may enter Thailand on a visa-exemption system which allows 30 days’ stay if arriving by air and 15 days if arriving by land. If a longer stay is required, both can be renewed once at border posts, with a further extension of the same length, after which the holder must leave Thailand. Those having stayed for 90 days will not be allowed to re-enter until a further 90 days have passed. Nationals of countries not covered by the visa exemption or visa on arrival schemes must obtain a tourist visa at their local Thai consulate or embassy before traveling.

Three-month tourist visas can be obtained from Thai Embassies and consulates, also extendable in a similar manner. It’s advisable to check your nearest Thai Embassy’s website as well as the Thai Immigration website as these rules have been known to change with no notice. Passports should have at least two blank pages, or more if a longer stay is planned, as well as at least six months’ validity and a valid ticket to leave Thailand, if arriving by air, is also required.

If plans include an extended stay, a one-year Non-immigrant ‘0’ visa can be obtained from overseas Thai consulates and embassies on proof of adequate funds. This requires a report to a local immigration office every 90 days.

Visa exemption:

UK, USA, France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Belgium, Japan, Indonesia, Chile, Mongolia, Oman, Qatar, UAE, Australia, Denmark, Korea, Peru, Russia, Sweden, Brunei, Hong Kong, Israel, Kuwait, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Switzerland, Bahrain, Canada, Iceland, Laos, Monaco, Norway, South Africa, Turkey, Vietnam, Luxemburg, Spain, Ireland, Austria, Portugal.

Visa on arrival:

Bhutan, Estonia, Latvia, Mauritius, Slovenia, China, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Poland, Taiwan, Cyprus, India Lithuania, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Maldives, Slovakia, Uzbekistan

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